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Iggy Azalea Confesses She Checked Into Treatment For ‘Anger Issues’

She underwent ‘intensive therapy’ at a 2 week ‘mental retreat’.

Singer Iggy Azalea has admitting to suffering from mental health issues.

In a new magazine the ‘Black Widow’ singer revealed that her management staged a ‘intervention’ at the end of 2017 because of ‘anger issues’.

The feisty 27-year-old had gained a reputation because of her constant arguments with the press and other performers.

She revealed “They were like we think you’re really talented and you can go to the studio and make hits all day, but we don’t know if, you know, someone says something about you and you have a reaction it could ruin a branding deal.

“We need you to go and speak to these people and make sure that you’re mentally prepared to come out with new music.”

And although she did not want to seek treatment friends like Demi Lovato managed to change her mind.

The pressure of the spotlight made Azalea feel “physically f–king ill,” she said, and “personal trauma” further pushed her away from the music industry.

She then underwent “intensive therapy” at a two week “mental retreat” in Arizona.

“I’ve never really sat down and had an honest conversation with professional people,” she explained.

“It was good to say something to somebody who could give me the tools and information on how to make my life manageable when I’m feeling those things. So it was really useful—I’m glad that I went.”

She is confident that she will now have a brighter future and she has learned not to have regrets over the past.

“There are moments that I loved, and there are moments where I cringe,” the singer revealed.

“I think it’s as simple as an outfit you wore at a party… or like when you’re grown up and you look back at your college days. You look back at it with love, and there are other things you were like, ‘Oh God, I was such an idiot.’”

Azalea’s latest single “Savior” is out now and her second studio album, “Surviving the Summer” is scheduled for a 2018 release.

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