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Two of the Nation’s Leading Doctors Weigh In On Taking Luke Perry Off Life Support

The legendary actor suffered a massive stroke last month.

It’s an agonizing choice for anyone to make. Two of the nation’s leading doctors are sharing their professional opinions on taking Luke Perry off life support after he suffered a massive stroke. On an upcoming one-hour special, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Mehmet Oz weighed in on the family’s decision to do so.

“We know he had a massive stroke where a blood clot went to his brain, or a blood clot formed in his brain,” Dr. Oz, 58, said during his interview. “Now, because you have nothing else you can do to heal the patient, you put them in a medically induced coma to try to allow the brain whatever recovery time it can use. At the end of a few days if it doesn’t show recovery, it means that Luke Perry, when he wasn’t in that ICU bed anymore, he was already in heaven.”

dr drew and dr oz weigh in on taking luke perry off life support

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Drew, 60, said he “knew this was a bad situation” when he learned the former 90210 star was in an induced coma. The TV personality explained how it’s an extremely tough call to make for family members, no matter what. Dr. Drew elaborated, “What’s hard for families is when somebody has to come off a ventilator when there’s some possibility of recovery, and you’re trying to make a decision of what kind of recovery would that be, and what kind of life would that be?”

“What did this individual want? Life at any cost? Or would they not want to have lived in a vegetative state? Most people do not want that,” Dr. Drew explained. “But when there’s brain death, that is death. So the decision should be relatively simple, but it’s painful.”

Perry died on March 4 at the young age of 52, having never recovered from a “massive” stroke less than a week earlier. Despite the actor’s untimely passing, his legacy will live on.