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Family Feud

Bindi Irwin & Her Mom At War Over Possible Reality Show

Sources say Terri is dead set against the multimillion-dollar offer.

Tensions are running high between Bindi Irwin and her mom, Terri — and sources say it’s because the 18-year-old is in secret talks to star in a reality show with her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, 20. “The idea is they would get married in the first season, then have a baby in the second,” dishes an insider. “Bindi was unsure at first, but Chandler’s been gung-ho from the start, telling her this could open a lot of doors.” Terri, meanwhile, is dead set against the multimillion-dollar offer. “She’s freaking out at the thought of Bindi rushing into marriage and kids,” says the source. “She knows that reality TV feeds on conflict and drama, and she’s telling Bindi that it will wreck her relationship with Chandler.” Bindi’s response? Says the source, “She believes that she and Chandler are strong enough to survive anything life throws at them.”