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Nicole Richie

Video: Nicole Richie Learns How to Dress & Act Like a Drag Q...

Nicole Richie is embracing her inner Drag Queen! In the latest episode of #CandidlyNicole for AOLon, guest RuPaul joins Nicole to teach her the ins-and-outs of drag…most importantly, dress, posture and slang. By the end, Nicole has totally embraced her inner Drag Queen and is ready to make her debut — check it out! [star_embed src=”″] MORE Read More

Video: Nicole Richie's Style Advice For Single Ladies

What’s a single girl supposed to wear on a date? Nicole Richie knows! In her latest #CandidlyNicole episode for AOLon, the style icon goes shopping with two single pals to get a guy and girl’s perspective on what the opposite sex is looking for. Hint: Hats and harem pants are not advised! [star_embed src=”″] Read More

Video: Bitchy Celebrity Florist Insults Nicole Richie

[star_embed src=”″] Talk about a sense of humor! “Slutty,” “dirty,” and “two dollar hooker,” are some of the terms celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh calls Nicole Richie in this hilarious new Candidly Nicole video. However, Nicole takes it in stride and counters with a low blow, calling him the most dreaded of all flowers, “sunflower.” Read More