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These Celebrities Went To Jail For Their Money Problems

More money, more problems!

Celebs That Went to Jail For Money Problems

Money problems may be universal, but as infamous The Notorious B.I.G once rapped, “Mo Money Mo Problems”. These five celebs famously couldn’t get it together when it came to their finances and they all ended up in jail.


Al Capone

Al Capone The Tax Man Cometh - 25 Hollywood Stars Who Faced Tax Trouble


The 1920’s gangster, Alphonse “Al” Capone, got away with a lot of grisly crimes during his years as a feared mob enforcer. However, he soon became Alcatraz’s most well-known inmate when he was finally jailed in 1931 for the only thing the law could convict him of, tax evasion. To date, Capone still holds the record for the longest prison sentence for tax evasion ever sentenced, 11 years.

Lauryn Hill

Best known as the lead singer for the Fugees, Lauryn Hill has gone down in history as one of the most respected artists in R&B music. Unfortunately, in 2012, Hill was slapped with a bill of $1 million from the IRS for not filing her taxes and was sentenced to 3 months in prison.  


Chuck Berry

One of the pioneers of rock n’ roll, Chuck Berry made his claim to fame with hit songs like “Johnny B. Goode”. Then again, even rock moguls must pay their taxes. In 1979, Berry was forced to serve a sentence of 120-days in jail for tax evasion. However, it wasn’t his first prison stint for money problems. Back in 1962, Berry was also arrested for armed robbery, where he spent 3 years behind bars.  


Richard Hatch

Getty Images

Famous for being the first ever winner of the popular reality series Survivor, Richard Hatch was convicted in 2003 for not paying taxes on the $1 million prize he won on the show three years prior. In 2013, he was once again accused of not paying taxes on his home in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Following these charges, he served 51 months in jail.


Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren Birthday September 20


The 1970’s superstar and romance film icon, Sophia Loren, served time in prison in 1982 for supposedly filing a fraudulent tax return in Italy. While the case was finally overturned in 2013 and ruled as a complete mistake, Loren still served 17 days behind bars for a crime she didn’t even commit.      


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