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Celebrity Parents Who Lost All Their Money

They did not manage their money well!

Celebrity Parents No Money

While your parents might be your financial role model, not all mothers and fathers know what they’re doing when it comes to money management. Even celebrities, who can afford experts and advisors, don’t always make the best financial choices. With that in mind, here are 5 celebrity parents that lost their millions.


The Gosselin Family

The Gosselin family became famous for their TLC reality TV show about life with sextuplets. The show became a huge hit and the family made quite a lot of money from the show and various other projects. However, caring for a family of 10 was not cheap, and while they likely made millions, their net worth is nowhere near that anymore.

Teresa Giudice

You likely know Giudice as a member of the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, despite showing off a life of luxury on the show, she was actually struggling with money drama. She and her husband were found guilty of bankruptcy fraud and served time in prison as a result.


Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is an icon in the entertainment industry which all started during her time on the 90s hit Baywatch. Being famous for numerous decades, you would expect Anderson to be worth tens of millions of dollars, but that isn’t the case. She has a net worth of only a few million and actually filed for bankruptcy back in 2009.


Tori Spelling


Spelling, the daughter of billionaire Aaron Spelling, has been an actress in Hollywood for decades. However, despite making millions in her career and having a rich family, she has had major problems with money. Her insane spending, on herself and her children, has cost her over the years. Spelling is currently in the midst of several legal battles concerning the debt she’s accumulated recently.


Mel B.


Mel B or “Sporty Spice” was a member of one of the biggest 90s girl groups, the Spice Girls. That, plus her role as a judge on America’s Got Talent, surely made her millions of dollars. However, child support payments and divorces have decimated her savings, as well as her hefty spending habits.

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