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Bad Behavior

Julie Chen Exposed As 'Boss From Hell'

Source says 'The Talk' host is demanding & irritable as Moonves comes under fire.

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Forget that wide smile and friendly demeanor. Star has learned Julie Chen is reportedly a “boss from hell!”

Chen’s “nice girl” reputation has been revealed as a total sham as the host has lost her protection after 12 women claimed her husband Les Moonves sexually harassed them.

Moonves created The Talk for his beloved wife and therefore Chen was “untouchable” when he was there because she was “married to the boss,” a source told Rob Shuter, which he revealed on his hit podcast ‘Straight Shuter Naughty But Nice.’

According to Shuter’s Behind-the-stage snitches Chen’s a “meanie” and she could “get away with everything” before Les was ousted as CEO of CBS on September 9, 2018.

Insiders claimed to Shuter Chen was allegedly desperate for attention and if a guest gave Chen’s fellow show host more attention than her, she’d throw a fit and ban that guest from ever returning to the AM gabfest.

“Guests backstage were told by producers to focus on Julie — everybody has to pay attention to Julie and not Sharon Osbourne,” the informant continued. “If they give Sharon too much attention, they won’t be asked back because Julie is the one who runs the show.”

According to Shuter’s source Chen was not shy about letting the staff know she was sleeping with the man who pays their salary.

One specific incident stood out to Shuter’s source, who told Shutter Chen was “furious” one morning when her script wasn’t ready on time.

She allegedly lashed out at the executive producer who was in charge of the segment, threatening: “Ive made phone calls” to Les Moonves, who in turn called the boss of CBS — all because her script was late!

As Star readers know, Les acted as the CEO of CBS for many years before he was ousted this September 9, following various accusations of sexual abuse. While he admitted to having acted inappropriately towards women “decades ago,” he said he never forced any of them into sexual acts.

Regardless, he was let go.

Julie shared a statement following her husband’s scandal, telling her The Talk cohosts that she was fully stood and will always stand by her man.

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