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Expert Tips For Storing Your Summer Clothes & Wedding Dress From Madame Paulette!

Star caught up with Real Housewives of New York star John Mahdessian, owner of famed dry-cleaning service Madam Paulette, to get the scoop on storing your summer wardrobe, preserving your wedding dress and why the Pope keeps him on speed dial!


What’s the best way to store seasonal clothes? Probably not just stuffed into a Hefty bag under the bed, huh?

Ha, no! First you want to clean your clothes, don’t store them dirty. And SpaceBags or airtight containers are good to keep out moths, which can be catastrophic to your wardrobe. The moths eat your natural fibers and lay eggs in your clothes, then infiltrate your entire home. And you definitely want to keep stored clothes in a room that stays a fairly constant temperature and away from direct sunlight, so no freezing basement or sweltering attic.

With wedding season wrapping up, brides don’t know what to do with their gowns. How do you preserve wedding dresses?

The best thing is to have it cleaned, then get a large-sized box big enough to fold the garment once, then line it with acid-free or PH-neutral tissue paper to act as a buffer. Then, again, store in a climate-controlled environment. Or just wear it to run errands!


What’s the easiest way to organize your closet?

Do it by season and then pair up garments and create outfits. We have a program called Virtual Stylist and you digitally catalog every piece in your wardrobe, then can sort by designer, color, pattern, and put outfits together via the app.

What a time to be alive! What’s been your craziest fashion emergency?

Here in New York we have a “fashion ambulance” and we were on call for the Pope during his recent visit. Jesus could turn water into wine, but no one said he could get it out of white silk. That’s where we come in. 


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