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Athletic Action! Nora Tobin's Sure-Fire Way To Get Rid Of The Extra Pounds Fast


Nora Tobin is a nutrition specialist, editor for Shape and Sports Illustrated magazines and fitness consultant for Four Seasons Hotels.

Bombshell Body

Images of svelte celebs on the beach can definitely motivate us to do those extra reps and forgo the fudge in hopes of getting a body like a Bond girl. The trick is to tighten up without losing those sexy curves. A routine that combines high-intensity intervals with the right food choices is a great way to accomplish this goal.

Workout of the Week: High Intensity Intervals

A sure-fire way to burn fat, build lean muscle and keep the feminine look we all love is through high-intensity interval training (HIT)—a combination of fast bursts of exercise and rest periods. The rest allows the body to maintain the muscle (curves), while the short, intense burst sheds fat (slim body). The intervals raise metabolic burn and keep the metabolism high for 24 hours postworkout. This means your workout will continue to shape your body well after you finish the last rep.

The Moves

Perform intervals on a piece of cardio equipment or outdoors as quickly as possible for 30 seconds. Reduce speed for one minute. Repeat this sequence for 20 minutes. Perform the workout three or four times per week.


Beauty Tip of the Week: Get Effortless, Beachy Waves

The best way to get loose, carefree curls is to apply a salt spray to your hair before you go out for the day. This product adds body while keeping tresses soft and moisturized. I spray it into my hair after a shower and let it air-dry. Easy and effortless!

Nutrition Tip: Healthy Snacking

It can be easy to tap the vending machine when you hit a wall at work, but white carbs and processed junk do nothing for energy or a fit physique. The key is to come prepared with snacks like almonds and carrots that won’t spike your blood sugar and lead to weight gain. By simply cutting out white carbs, you’ll begin to notice major transformations in your body!

Karina Smirnoff

The Dancing with the Stars vet credits her great body to dance-inspired fitness routines and constantly rotating her workouts.

EXCLUSIVE: Karina Smirnoff looks stunning as she hits the beach showing off her bikini body. The star was spotted stepping out in the figure-hugging swimsuit in Malibu. Pictured: Karina Smirnoff Ref: SPL1028486 200515 EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Brooks/Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666

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Check out Nora’s workout videos, nutrition programs and health tips at Nora’s website and on Instagram.