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Jane Buckingham Explains How ABC Family’s New Series 'Job Or No Job' Could Help Viewers Receive Job Offers

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For all job seekers on the hunt for the perfect gig, ABC Family’s new show Job or No Job is their guide on how to make landing their dream job a reality!

From watching and critiquing interviews to giving tips on housing and transportation, Career and Lifestyle expert Jane Buckingham is with job seekers every step of the way as she helps them improve their interviewing skills.

The show’s “Job Genius” exclusively chatted with to talk about the series, why she got involved and how viewers could benefit from watching the show too!

Tell us about Job or No Job.

Jane Buckingham: Job or No Job is basically a show where we try to help millennials get jobs. The way it works is they go on three job interviews in their industry of choice. After each interview, I give them advice on how they did on the interview with the hopes of them getting better and hopefully improving so they have a better chance at each interview. It’s been a fascinating journey because some of the candidates come in and I think they’re so qualified and then they turn out to be really terrible interviewees. Some I think are not at all qualified, but they turn out to be good interviewees and they need less help. It’s been a fascinating journey because no candidate is the same, no job is the same and no interviewer is the same.

Why did you decide to get involved as the show’s “Job Genius?”

JB: I think it’s a really tough economy for anyone to get a job in. If there’s an opportunity to help people understand how to interview better, I want to help. Millennials in particular have sort of gotten a bad reputation for being entitled and wanting to skip all this stuff. I also think they are very unprepared for the work world. They think they should be asking about the salary when they go in as to where interviewers or experts say that’s a bad thing to do. We did a survey at Trendera where a third of them think they’re more likely to get hit by a bus than find their dream job so they’re going into these job interviews thinking that they’re never going to get it. Nineteen percent think it’s okay to bring their parents along for moral support! Are you kidding me? If I have the chance to help them realize some of the mistakes then it’s really a good thing to do.

Why is the show not only beneficial to the participants, but also to viewers?

JB: I think anyone who wants to get a job or change their job should watch because I think they’re going to take away really valuable information about what people are doing right and wrong. I think it’s really emotional and interesting to watch these journeys because they have a lot at stake. They’re moving to a new city to potentially start their life or change their life. They’re putting a lot on the line and you really get to know them and see what they’re going through.

What have you learned from the show?

JB: I learned a lot about how to be a better interviewer just by watching all of these different interviews. Anyone who wants to get a job needs to watch the show and I think it’s great for millennials because I think they’ll both benefit from watching it. I think they’ll learn a lot from it.

Job or No Job premieres Wednesday, August 5 at 9pm ET/PT on ABC Family.