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Is Terrence Howard Falling Apart?

Terrence Howard Dark Side

Credit: Picture by: Digital Focus / Splash News

“I have grown so much from anything that happened in the past,” Terrence Howard said recently during an event to promote his Fox show, Empire. It was an indication that the 45-year-old was attempting to put his long history of erratic and violent behavior behind him.

But during an odd and emotional performance at the Oscars, where he appeared to get choked up for no discernible reason while introducing Best Picture nominees, onlookers wondered if he was intoxicated, or, more ominously, if his dark side was surfacing once again.

But compared to his past behavior, Terrence’s strange display was almost tame. Violent outbursts have destroyed two of his marriages, and the father of three impulsively married his current wife, Mira Pak, who is pregnant with their first child together, after just a month of dating. Insiders say they can only hope that she — along with his new career success — are finally the positive influences he needs to overcome his demons, but so far, it seems unlikely. “Maybe as he gets older, he will finally calm down and stop acting so strangely,” the source adds. “But no one has seen evidence of that yet.”


2000: Terrence was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Continental Airlines flight attendant after refusing her request to return to his seat because the seat belt light was on.

2001: It was reported that he was arrested for attacking his first wife, Lori McCommas. The police said he arrived at her house after an argument on the phone, broke in the door, and chased her into the backyard, where he punched her twice in the face with a closed fist.

2005: Philadelphia Magazine reported that he punched stranger Danielle DiStefano in a Pennsylvania diner. He was charged with simple assault and harassment. He later pled guilty to disorderly conduct.

2008: He made his Broadway debut in Cat on a Hot Tim Roof, with James Earl Jones — and was accused of attacking and punching composer Tex Allen in the head and face.

2011: Terrence’s second wife, Michelle Ghent, filed for a restraining order, claiming that he had caused her physical injuries, threatened her with a butcher knife, broken her computer and nearly thrown her from a balcony during a trip to South Africa.

2012: An ex-girlfriend said he punched and kicked her at his home. No charges were filed, but Terrence later paid the woman $75,000 to sign a nondisclosure agreement about the episode. That year, an audio sex tape also leaked, reportedly of Terrence making vulgar and sexist comments to girlfriend May Seng Yang.

2013: Terrence and Michelle reconciled and took a trip to Costa Rica, but it ended with Michelle filing for another restraining order against him, including allegations that he punched and choked her, leaving bruises on her face.

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