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Snooki's TMI Blog Post About Her Sex Life!

Snooki Blog Post

Ever since the first season of Jersey Shore, Snooki hasn’t been shy about sharing even the most personal details of her life with the world. And even though she’s married now, with two kids, and far from her partying days…there’s some things that will never change!

The reality star took to her blog on Friday to discuss the seemingly inevitable demise of reality television couples, and comparing her own relationship with Jionni LaValle to others she’s seen on TV. “If anything bad happens to me and Jionni, we are not taping it,” she wrote. “I don’t like negative energy. I love everything positive and butterflies… and zombies. I’ll break Jionni’s knee caps and kill him if he tries to leave me.”

Luckily, she doesn’t have to worry about that right now, and even admits that things are still going well in the romance department with her husband of nearly one month. “We still have a sex life, but I just started birth control so I’m waiting for it to kick in before we do it again,” she explained.

From there, though, the MTV star went a little too TMI with the details. “I don’t make any loud noises,” she admitted. “We do it at night when the kids are sleeping because Lorenzo will walk in and just stare at us.”

Good to know…


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