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Q&A: Celeb Interviews from Stand Up to Cancer Charity Event!

Hollywood Unites For The 4th Biennial Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), A Program Of The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) Red Carpet

On Friday, Hollywood united for the 4th Biennial Stand Up to Cancer Charity event at the Dolby Theater in Hollwyood Calif. Star was on the red carpet, and caught up with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Angie Harmon, Tony Hale and Lupe Fiasco — check out our exclusive interviews here!

Why was it important for you to be here tonight?

JTF: In all honesty, I couldn’t imagine not being here! It’s a great opportunity for us as individuals in the public eye to help raise awareness and get people talking. Cancer isn’t something that people like to talk about, but we need to. We don’t have a choice. Practically anyone you meet has known someone who had or currently has cancer. That’s a scary thought. I love the work they do and how they let talent take part, as well, to help drive research further.

Do you have any personal ties to cancer?

JTF: My husband Justin was actually diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was just 13-years-old. That thought right there just shakes me up inside. To think of a life without him, or to think of those kids who are fighting for their lives as we speak, that is just heart-wrenching. We have to do whatever we can to help. We have to! I thank God every day that he survived and that the doctors were able to save his life.

Your Modern Family costar Sofia Vergara recently found love! How do you feel about her new romance [with Joe Manganiello]?

JTF: I’m happy for her. I’m so happy for her and Sofia is just amazing, so she deserves someone very special. She’s an amazing actress and an even better human being, if that makes sense.


You’re an Ambassador for the Stand Up To Cancer organization. What made you decide to get involved?

AH: I was initially drawn to the organization to help spread awareness about, specifically, prostate cancer. It’s just such a huge issue in our country and in our world, and it’s something that men don’t like to talk about, so I needed to do something to get the conversation started. My husband would avoid the topic, and so would the other men in my life. So I needed to do something to show them that this disease is serious and that it’s imperative to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out and keep your health a priority. People’s father,s uncles, brothers…these are all such important people in everyone’s lives.

You sound like a busy lady! How do you manage to stay looking so flawless?

AH: I always tell people that the best kept beauty secret is sleep. Sleep! Just go to sleep! Too many people don’t get enough sleep…and drink enough water. Those two simple things will take you very far in life, my friends. And of course, eat healthy and try to put in your body a ton of fruits and vegetables. Load up on those as much as you can.

What else are you working on right now?

AH: Well, my main focus, of course, is being a mom. My daughters are just growing by the minute and it’s terrifying — make it stop! And then, of course, right now I’m working on Rizzoli & Isles on TNT, so you better watch! It’s such a fun show to work on and the cast is just awesome. Playing my character, Jane, a detective, I swear…I’ve learned more than ever from just reading the script. Every single episode is new and fresh and it’s just a really great show to watch.


You are so involved with Stand Up to Cancer. Why this organization?

TH: Two of my good friends this past year died from cancer, so it really hits close to home. I’m an Ambassador and I’m very proud to say it. Stand Up To Cancer is an incredible platform that allows talent to get involved and do what they can to help raise awareness and spread the word. That, right there, is amazing in itself. Anything that I can do to help save people’s lives, I’m more than willing to do it. We hear about people passing away from cancer all too often.

How can people at home get involved?

TH: I actually joined up with and it’s a really amazing idea. Stand Up to Cancer just joined with them and it’s a campaign called Stay the Night, Join the Fight. When you book your hotel through Room Key, they pay $1 to support the fight against cancer. Everyone travels and stays in hotels, so it’s such a simple way for people to get involved with the click of a button. So far it’s raised more than $500,000 towards cancer research. It’s just incredible.


You’re set to perform tonight. Are you excited?

LF: Of course I’m excited! There’s nothing better in this world than performing for something that you stand for and that you believe him. This is the most televised program on TV and it’s getting the word out to millions of people. Of course I’m excited to help raise money and fight this disease. I came out with a song called “mission” earlier this year that supports Stand Up. It’s an awesome cause and I’ll do whatever I can to support it.

Why this organization?

LF: My grandmother, who I was very close with, died of breast cancer very suddenly. It’s something that I hate talking about, but you know, I know I need to talk in order to help raise money. We need to stop this disease and there’s no other way to do it than raise money and spread the word. I know too many people with cancer. Even if you know just one person, that’s one too many people. We have to stop this disease. I’ll do whatever it takes to stop it.