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Julie Bowen's Thintervention: Why Her Diet Obsession Could Prove Deadly

Julie bowen

Credit: Photo by: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

She plays a down-to-earth, suburban housewife on Modern Family, but in real life, the pressures of being pin thin in Hollywood are getting the best of Julie Bowen.

“Everyone on set used to look to Julie for health tips,” a show insider tells Star. “She would even stress the importance of eating throughout the day to keep your energy going. But lately, she’s lucky if she has one square meal a day.”

Now the producers of her ABC show have stepped in and warned her to bulk up and ditch the diet. “It looks terrible on camera,” the source explains. “She’s supposed to be this wholesome, healthy-looking soccer mom…not a bag of sticks!”

Plus, she’s turning work into a workout. “She sees almost every free moment as an opportunity to exercise,” the tipster adds. “She’s always doing squats or crunches on set.”

Julie’s husband of 10 years, Scott Phillips, has also tried to intervene, but to no avail. “He’s told her over and over that he prefers her curvy and begged her to stop losing weight, but she won’t,” the source says. “Even when she cooks for her family, she won’t actually eat.”

The scariest part is that Julie’s diet could actually be lethal. For almost 20 years, the Emmy winner has had a pacemaker for a heart condition, and it is well documented that starvation can restrict blood pressure and flow to the heart, causing cardiac muscles to atrophy — and eventually fall. Heart disease is the main concern for even a previously healthy anorexic, but for someone with Julie’s medical history, the risk is far hight.

Still, she shows no signs of changing. “Julie insists that there’s no problem,” the insider dishes. “She thinks she looks great.


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