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Q&A: Sophia Bush on Style, Fitness & Career!

Sophia bush

Credit: Photo by: Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Star caught up with Sophia Bush at the 5th annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration on April 22 — check out our Q&A and find out what the actress had to say about her style, confidence and career!

Do you have a stylist and what inspires your fashion?

Lately one of my best friends, Nola Singer, has been honing in on my looks. She is one of my best friends and we’re both such lovers of fashion, and we know each other’s tastes. So as my schedule has gotten crazier, there is nothing better than having someone who gets you rather than me having to spend a day running around all of the showrooms in LA! She comes over and we yes and no all of it. But with her, I yes most of it!

Have you always liked fashion and dressing up?

A lot of it comes down to — when you work in this business, you have more access and you just start to care more. I was never the girl in college who dressed up walking to class at 8 AM. But you know, why am I going to go out in a raggy old pair of jeans and a shapeless hoodie if I can go out in a really cute designer shirt? You know what I mean? You just start to care more in your off-time, because the event dressing is always fun for me. But it’s the in-between where I struggled. I was like, ‘I have this closet full of great clothes, I might as well wear them!”

You exude such confidence. Where do you get that from?

Obviously Beyonce! Beyonce convinced me to do my Maxim cover — please! I was like, “I AM a grown woman and I CAN do whatever I want!” I was like, “Hey, I’m allowed to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’m allowed to push the envelope. I’m allowed to have the conversations with the women who are in my audience that no one wants to talk about.” No one wants to talk about owning our bodies and the way we feel in them. We are so sexualized by everyone else that we don’t spend a lot of time saying, “No, this is my body, and this is for me.” I feel confident when I feel strong. I feel confident when I’m laughing with my friends. I think any time that you sort of achieve something new, that does it, too.

I’m a hysterical mess sometimes, like everybody else, but I learn to love myself by loving my girlfriends and loving my audience. The women who come to me everyday, whether I run into them on the street, whether we’re talking on Twitter or Instagram, we’re having inspiring, real, meaningful conversations, and if I can give them permission to do that, then they can do the same for me.

How do you manage to stay so fit?

I love to box. I don’t get to do it enough. I love a good yoga class. I don’t get to do that enough. There are New Years resolutions to be made next year! I like the precision of boxing. I like the force of it — it’s really empowering! And also, good for a woman to know how to throw a good punch!

While other actresses have fallen off the wagon, you have managed to stay out of trouble and have a great career. What’s your secret to keeping such a great image?

I mean, honestly, I’m just not an a–hole! I’m just not an a–hole! I really like people and I really believe that people are awesome. I have bad days like anybody, but if anything, I’ve been duped by the a–holes, more-so than anything.

Look, I don’t know. Life is lovely…I’m grateful. I think if you cultivate a daily practice of gratitude, that helps a lot, too. Sometimes you think the world is crashing down on you and then you’re like, wait a minute. I have this laundry list of things to be thankful for — like my health, and my friends and my family and my dogs, and the weather today. After a winter in Chicago, I am thankful for LA weather every single day!


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