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Q&A: Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Talks Fighting With Costars

Renee Graziano

Since 2011, Renee Graziano has had her life broadcast on VH1 for the world to watch — but it hasn’t been all that pretty. In season two of Mob Wives, the reality star’s husband wore a wire and got her father sent back to prison.

Then, in season three, she went to rehab for pill addiction, followed by a relapse in season 4. Still, Renee has managed to start a successful clothing line, Mob Candy, and she published a cookbook called How To Use a Meat Cleaver with her sisters. Star caught up with the Mob Wives star to learn more about her wild ride.

Has season four been as hard for you as it seems?

I appreciate having a job, but am I enjoying what I’m doing? No.

Why is that?

My public relapse was rough. But I’m a fighter.

Are your costars really the biggest problem?

They’ve watched the show for three seasons, so they know how to push my buttons. I just feel like there’s a fight for position and I’m at the bottom of the pile.

Why write the cookbook?

The recipes come from a real family. My father’s actually a big cook, so it was passed down through our parents. When it comes to Italians, food is like the construction industry: We’re always around it!

Did you really sneak food into prison?

I think the statute of limitations on sneaking meatballs is up, so I’m guilty! It was like a movie, but that was back in the day. Everything has changed.

Your sister Jennifer created Mob Wives. Will you get a spin-off like Big Ang?

I would love to do that with my son, AJ. People think I have it easy because of my sister, but it’s actually harder. If you’re watching the same show I am, you know Renee gets no special treatment!


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