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EXCLUSIVE: Nik Richie's Attorney Addresses Sarah Jones Lawsuit

Nik RIchie & Sarah Jones

Nik Richie, founder of, was found guilty of libel on Thursday in his lawsuit against former Bengal Tigers cheerleader Sarah Jones. Sarah, who pleaded guilty to sex with a minor last October, sued Nik after two posts ran on alleging that she had sex with various Bengal Tigers players and that she had an STD.

Nik was ordered to pay Jones $338,000 in damages, and Star spoke with his lawyer, David Gringas, exclusively, after the case.

“The ruling today was ludicrous and sets a dangerous precedent against freedom of speech,” Gringas told Star. “I truly believe this judge was against Nik from the start. I do not believe he went by the law, I believe he went by a dislike of Nik and everything Nik stands for.”

Gringas added that the posts were written by a third party, and not Nik himself. “To hold Nik accountable for what was written by another person is no different than you filing a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg because someone called you a slut in a post on Facebook.”

The lawyer explained that Sarah won the case simply because she came off as more likable than Nik, and said that he and Nik will be filing with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeal. “I am very confident this will be overturned,” he concluded. Look out, Sarah!

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