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How I Met Your Mother's Big Reveal: Satisfying or Disappointing?

After eight torturous seasons, the mysterious mother on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother has been revealed! Although Ted (Josh Radnor) doesn’t meet his future wife just yet, we catch a glimpse of her, holding the signature yellow umbrella, buying a train ticket to Farhampton, the town where Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) will be married.

Rather than casting a well-known, A-list actress, the mother is instead played by Broadway star Cristin Milioti. Get more details on the new character in the video!

Cristin, whose character’s name has not been revealed yet, is likely to play a major role in the show’s ninth and final season next year. Are you satisfied with the casting choice, or do you think the show should’ve gone with a more-known actress? Overall, it seems fans have mixed opinions regarding this debate. Let us know at @Star_News!