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WWE Star Chyna Showed Signs Of ‘Steroid Abuse’ Before OD Death

Wrestler was 'extremely bitter and hurt’ after being ousted by organization.

WWE wrestling legend Chyna was known as the ninth wonder of the world when at the top of her game, but after being ousted by the organization, her life unraveled.

The wrestler moved to Japan for four years and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Though in her final months she tried hard to reinvent herself, she died of an overdose in her Los Angeles apartment on April 20th 2016. She was just 46 years old.

“In 2001, her contract with WWE was not renewed,” says Mary Carey, Chyna’s friend in REELZ’s new docuseries, Autopsy: Chyna.

WWE Star Chyna, also known as Joan Marie Laurer, wears her wrestler ensemble in this shot.


“I think for Chyna, the losing the WWE, it wasn’t losing her career, it was losing the man she loved,” Carey adds. “Chyna was extremely bitter and hurt by the WWE.”

Chyna spent four years performing for WWE.

“All the wrestlers blurred the line between entertainment and competition,” says Dr. Michael Hunter. “They put huge physical demands on their bodies. I’m curious if there is any direct connection between Chyna’s death and her life as a professional wrestler.”

Hunter says that during Chyna’s autopsy, the medical examiner identified nephrosclerosis in both of her kidneys, a condition which can be caused by “steroid abuse.”

Autopsy: Chyna, Sunday airs August 25 at10 ET/ PT on REELZ.

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