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What Happened to Jennifer Aniston When She Ate a Big Mac?

Jennifer Aniston always manages to keep up her rockin’ figure, even at age 44, but a lot goes into keeping the actress slender. In a recent interview, Jennifer revealed that one of the most important things to staying fresh-faced and thin is avoiding unhealthy foods…especially fast food.

Unfortunately, one time Jen had no choice but to indulge in some McDonalds, when she and fiance Justin Theroux were starving on a road trip and it was the only restaurant around. At their pit stop, Jennifer ordered the restaurant’s signature Big Mac, but it did not bode well with her normally healthy diet. “My body did not react well to that!” she shared. “It was like putting gasoline in a purified system.”

She continued on to explain how terrible she felt after the meal, and also stressed how important she thinks it is to put only clean and healthy things into our bodies. Yeah, okay…I’ll take the Big Mac.

For more details from Jennifer’s interview, check out the video below:

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