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Long Time Womanizer?

Wendy Williams’ Ex Dishes On Kevin Hunter’s Scandalous Past

‘I always would see him with a different girl.’

Wendy Williams‘ ex-boyfriend claimed that her husband was the jealous type who always had an eye for the other ladies. Mitchell Rose, who Williams dated for eight months before she married Kevin Hunter in November 1997, said “He was local, I would see him sometimes,” while growing up in the same area in Brooklyn as Hunter. “He was the type of dude to hang around a bunch of guys, he kept a crew with him,” noted Rose. “And I always would see him with a different girl.”

Was Hunter, 46, known as a cheater back then? “He’s always been like that,” said Rose. Williams was recently forced to defend her hubby of almost 20 years after allegations he was cheating on her and leading a double life with a massage therapist. “Kevin was always a jealous type of dude,” said Rose. “He realized Wendy and I had a relationship so he started pushing her away from me.” “He’s a very intimidating guy. He told her ‘I don’t want you to be around this dude.’ He really kinda shut it down. He’s very protective of her.”

Rose and Williams, 53, eventually ended their fling after she gave him an ultimatum. “I was going through some struggles and smoking weed and drinking. She wanted me to get my shit together, basically,” he said. “I was into selling crack and she was weary of that lifestyle because she wanted to be more, she was striving and going to school and wanted to be a radio host.” Once Hunter was on the scene, he rode Williams’ coattails all the way to the top of the entertainment business, claimed Rose. “You could tell that she was his bread of butter

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