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'Naked And Afraid' Star Gets Stung On Penis Tip By Yellowjacket

Duke Brady’s wide range of euphemism for his genitals is seriously hilarious!

On Sunday night’s premiere episode of Naked and Afraid, fans can expect some serious laughs when a yellow jacket stings one of the participants on his penis.

The victim Duke Brady and his partner Amal Alyassiri, the first female Muslim participant in the show’s history were on day 8 of their 21-day naked adventure when Brady steps on a yellowjacket nest.

“I just got stung on my wanker,” he tells costar Amal in between moans of anguish.

“Getting stung point blank on your under junk by a yellowjacket is probably one of the least joyful things I experienced,” he confesses to the camera.

“Never gotten stung on my yennis,” He calls out to his partner graveling for emotional support.

Speaking to the camera again he explains to viewers the pain he is experiencing. “I don’t have anything to compare it to besides sharp, hot, burning knives going through pieces of skin that you don’t want them to go through.”

“Why do you have to go right for jewels?” he questions the vicious wasp.

“It had so many other places to sting me, yet it chose to sting me right at the end of the business line.”

Adding, “my male chastity gear is just swollen beyond anything that should ever look healthy.”

The video shows brady wadding in the water as he splashes himself in desperation for relief. “I am soaking my junk in creek here to help combat the swelling,” he explains.

“The one time you want shrinkage,” he jokes.

The new season of Naked and Afraid premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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