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Parenting Woes

Tired Momma! - Kim Fed Up With ‘Absent Dad’ Kanye

The new set of problems is causing another rift in their marriage.

Kim Kardashian is ripping into “absent dad” Kanye West, accusing him of not doing nearly enough parentally, a source revealed.

Since Chicago came into their lives he’s barely changed a diaper, and it’s Kim who’s up half the night rocking her back to sleep,” snitches a pal.

Yeezy thinks the reality star and hired help can take care of the baby needs. “He just lets her and the nannies get on with it.”

The new set of problems is said to be causing yet another rift in their marriage.

“They’ve been in separate beds for weeks now, and he’s detaching himself from Kim again, which is what almost caused their divorce last year.”

“After his breakdown Kanye did everything right, but he’s completely stopped that lately,” the source spilled at the time.

“Kim has told her friends that she doesn’t think he’s taking his meds and he is doing really manic things like staying in the studio all night long. He says he is recording but Kim says he is avoiding her. She has been saying it is time for a divorce.”

The first source says the end was near. “Kim really seems like she’s over the marriage. But she has two kids with another one the way. It’s a tough decision for her.”

In other kardashian drama, Khloe Kardashian is desperate to save her troubled brother Rob Kardashian — but at what cost?

The 33-year-old expectant mom has even generously offered her younger sibling a room at her Los Angeles home — but her baby daddy Tristan Thompson isn’t having it.

“He finds Rob a total weirdo, and doesn’t understand why Khloe feels so personally responsible for his troubles,” an insider says. “This is a grown man, for God’s sake!”

Despite Thompson, 26, taking a firm stance against housing Rob, 30 — who lived with Khloe and her now-ex-husband, Lamar Odom, for a couple years — he’s up against the odds when it comes to her loyalty.

“Khloe and Rob have always had the tightest of bonds and she’s the only one he can open up to,” explained the insider.

“Rob wants to move in and Khloe’s down with that, but Tristan’s saying it’ll happen over his dead body.”