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Elton John Made Piano ‘Sexy!’ Stars Pay Tribute To Music Icon

“As a live performer, Sir Elton John is amazing,” Dionne Warwick starts off by saying in REELZ’s new Elton John: The Nation’s Favorite Song docuseries.

“He’s funny, he’s humorous like I am – we’re very similar!” agrees fellow singer Rod Stewart. “The only thing is he’s stuck at the piano and I can move about.”

“Here’s a guy that exploded on stage. He took that instrument that wasn’t supposed to be sexy and made it sexy,” adds director Cameron Crowe. “There are pictures of him from the era where he looks, literally, airborne!”

As readers know, Elton John, 70, became an icon in the music industry over 50 years ago. Along with his longtime lyricist, Bernie Taupin, he made history.

After performing at more than 4,000 concerts in 80 countries, he has finally decided it is time to retire from touring.

Though he’s sold over 300 million records over the years, he’s assured fans that he will continued to write music, but will remain a homebody to spend time with his family after he finishes his three-year goodbye tour.

Elton John: The Nation’s Favorite Song airs Saturday, Jan 27 at 8 ET/ 7:30 PT on REELZ.

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