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Roseanne Barr Is ‘Miserable’ Filming Her TV Show Reboot

‘She isn’t particularly excited about the return of her show’ says source.

Roseanne Barr is returning to TV – and she is not happy! is reporting the 65-year-old actress is filming an eight-episode reboot of her 1988 show, and she is miserable.

“Things on set are exactly the same,” a source exclusively told Naughty Gossip. “Roseanne is complaining that she is miserable and being overworked.”

After being out of the spotlight for so long, is Barr still cut out for Hollywood stardom?

“She isn’t particularly excited about the return of her show and if Sara Gilbert hadn’t put the whole thing together, she would be perfectly happy tweeting from the comfort of her home and counting her money,” added the insider.According to the source, “No one is making a lot of money,” for the series reboot, “and budgets are being kept very tight.”

The source also claimed that the actress is no longer treated like the Hollywood royalty she once was – and neither if the rest of the show cast. Star Sandra Bernhard, reportedly confirmed Naughty Gossip’s reporting, saying that she was flown to LA in business (not first) class. She also allegedly agreed that Roseanne looked miserable!

“If the reboot is a big hit don’t expect Roseanne to return for another season unless someone writes her a big fat check,” said the source. “She isn’t doing this for her health.”

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