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Hidden Predator

'Robocop' Killer Seduced Women Who Didn’t 'Deserve To Live'

A terrifying episode of Reelz’s Copycat Killers, tells the disturbing story of crazed Robocop fan Nathaniel White and his gorgeous victim, Juliana Frank.

The crime show recounts a day in the life of the delusional criminal, when he made his most disturbing obsession a deadly reality.

Juliana Frank lived in a nearby town, one which White often drove by, seeking beautiful women who — as he often said to himself — “didn’t deserve to live.”

She was a beautiful single mother in her late twenties, an unattainable catch for somebody like White.

The Reelz series reveals the chilling way in which White used his charm to seduce Frank after spotting her walking on the side of the road.

As insiders recall, the only way to get around in that deserted town was by car, a fact which made White’s victims feel vulnerable, or somewhat trapped when he approached them.

White’s innocent-looking baby face made his targets feel comfortable and safe around him. But no one could have predicted the horrific mania the young criminal was hiding.

Copycat Killers: Robocop airs Saturday, July 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.