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REELZ Treats Fans To A 'Beverly Hills Pawn' Binge-A-Thon

Tune-in to watch broker Yossi Dina bargain for pieces of Hollywood memorabilia.

REELZ is giving fans what they want! The network will air the hit series Beverly Hills Pawn in an all day and all night binge-a-thon on Monday, October 21. The episodes will feature broker Yossi Dina as he bargains to buy coveted pieces of Hollywood memorabilia like costumes worn by Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, art by icons like Tony Curtis and Raquel Welch, and movie props from Gremlins, Friday the 13thand Sharknado!

REELZ Treats Fans To 'Beverly Hills Pawn' Binge-A-Thon


Yossi owns the high-end pawn shop The Dina Collection, which caters to upper class clients in Beverly Hills. Having been in the business for more than a quarter century, Yossi is an expert at finding and pricing rare items. Yossi and his assistant Aria Johnson travel the world and meet with people looking to sell their hidden treasures.

In the above exclusive video, Yossi meets with a client looking to offload the iconic gold suit Michael Jackson wore on his History tour. “The tour took place in 1996 and 1997 and he went all over the globe,” the seller says in the clip.

“I know this suit so well, it just looks so much better in person,” Aria exclaims. “Dina Collection deals with a lot of Michael Jackson memorabilia, and usually it will go for big bucks. If this suit is real, I want it!” Yossi says in a taped confessional.

Yossi occasionally finds himself dealing with sellers who overestimate what their item is worth. In another episode, he meets with a man looking to sell a signed fin from the cult classic Sharknado! “I did a little research and I saw that the main dorsal fin from Jaws sold for $20,000,” the seller says. “You think this is worth $20,000?” Yossi questions.

Check your local listings and tune-in to REELZ for the Beverly Hills Pawn binge-a-thon on Monday, October 21!