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Underwater Terror: Inside The Real-Life ‘Jaws’ Shark’s Most Horrific Attacks

‘Vicious’ predator killed 4, injured 1 other.

In 1916, a suspected serial-killing shark, one of the inspirations for the book and Blockbuster movie Jaws, brought terror to the coast of New Jersey.

In REEL’s new docuseries, Shark Terror: The Real Jaws, author and historian John Allan Savolaine says “the shark was not demonstrating the “typical shark behavior.”

Between July 1 and 12, the shark killed four people and injured one other.

Real Life Jaws Shark Fatal Attacks


“This shark was so vicious to three different people, that’s what’s extremely unusual,” says Savolaine.

In the show, “Twelve Days of Terror” author Richard G. Fernicola recalls the terror of the shark’s attack on Joseph Dunn. The youngest of three, Joseph, 14, was swimming in the ocean with his two siblings when people started yelling out shark warnings. The boys all swam to the Wyckoff dock nearby, but unfortunately for the young teen, the shark caught up to him and ended his life.

Shark Terror: The Real Jaws, airs Sunday, July 21 at 9 ET/ PT on REELZ.

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