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Proof: Justin Bieber's Fans Are Totally Crazy

There’s no doubt that Justin Bieber has some of the most loyal fans in the industry, and Jimmy Kimmel has taken it upon himself to prove just how dedicated Beliebers are! The late night TV host sent a reporter to Justin’s Staples Center show in Los Angeles this week, equipped with a camera and some lies about Justin to see how his fans react to the singer being involved in not-so-ethical situations.

According to Justin’s LA fans, it’s totally fine if the Biebs parks in a handicapped spot…even if an old lady is waiting for the same one. Because, well DUH he’s “Justin Bieber and you should kiss the ground he walks on” (direct quote). Also, it’s not really a big deal if Justin punches his grandma in the stomach and sends her to the hospital…he didn’t mean to hurt her, guys.

The scenarios just get more and more ridiculous as the video clip goes on — check it out right here!


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