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OPRAH STOLE MY MOM’S LEGACY Cashed in with her life amazing story

This man says Winfrey took advantage of his family.

Winfrey is being blasted for ripping off relatives of tragic cancer patient Henrietta Lacks, who inspired her new cable movie! Now Henrietta’s bitter son, Lawrence, charges “Oprah used me” to make the HBO flick, which details how cervical cancer cells harvested from his mother sparked world-changing medical breakthroughs.

He claims the media mogul stiffed him out of cash, just like the Johns Hopkins Hospital staffers who used his mom as a cell donor — without her knowledge or consent! “Oprah’s making money! Johns 
Hopkins is making money! Pharmaceutical companies are making money,” says livid Lawrence. “And I’m excluded because I wouldn’t sign away my rights to talk about my mother.” Lawrence’s mom — who died in 1951 after having her body tissue stolen — is the subject of the film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.