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OJ Simpson’s New Neighbor Says It Was A ‘Pleasure’ To Meet Him

‘For me when I saw him it wasn’t about his crime.’

Diana Pulliam was at a Verizon Store on Craig Road in North Vegas with her son Austin Brennan and 96-year-old mother when she got the surprise of her life: O.J. Simpson stood just inches away from her fulfilling his dream to finally buy an iPhone just days after his prison release.

“I took my kid to Verizon to get a phone and stood next to him for about 10 minutes without knowing who he was,” Pulliam said. “My son was the one who pointed him out, saying ‘Mom, look that’s OJ!’ I saw his daughter, Arnelle Simpson.”

Pulliam said that she had no idea Simpson, 70, was moving into her neighborhood. She soon learned she lived a mile up the road from him. “I talked to him for a few minutes,” Pulliam said. “He sounded like he didn’t want to be here. He said ‘I have no choice, I’m stuck here,’ and then he just laughed.” “He was very nice, smiling, and very personable. It was actually a pleasure to meet him.”

Pulliam said that Simpson left the Verizon store after struggling while “figuring out how to work the iPhone.” “He’s probably still figuring out how to work the phone right now. I mean he’s been in jail for nine years without a phone!” Simpson’s new neighbor said she didn’t mind the notorious criminal living so close to her family.

“For me when I saw him, it wasn’t about his crime, it was about who my hero was growing up; I mean he was crush, my feelings definitely changed when I saw him. I didn’t think about the murder in the moment. I feel like he did his time, he deserves the time to move on. I’m not one to judge, I’m not one to condemn,” she explained.

Simpson was released October 1 on parole after serving nine years in prison. In 2008, he was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping for his involvement in a Las Vegas burglary.

He was infamously found liable of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman’s 1994 murders in a civil case, but never served time for the crime.


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