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Worst Year Ever?

Mischa hits rock bottom!

Mischa Barton hasn't exactly had a great year.

Saying it hasn’t been a happy new year for Mischa ­Barton would be quite the understatement. It’s been a long downward spiral for the former starlet, who turned heads as Marissa Cooper on The O.C. before leaving the series after the 2006 season. Shocking reports ­followed about her alleged booze, cocaine, psychiatric and ­financial problems — and now 2017 has already resulted in one new troubling incident after another for the struggling actress.

The latest indignity occurred on the evening of Sunday, March 26, at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. Mischa, 31, had spent the weekend at the swanky locale, which features top-of-the-line spa and beauty services — but they may not have been on her agenda during her stay, judging by her haggard appearance that evening as she was leaving. An eyewitness tells Star: “Mischa came down to the lobby to check out at about 7 p.m., and she looked terrible.

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Her hair was all wet and stringy, her face was puffy, and she was wearing torn jeans and a sweater opened all the way down to her naval with her bra exposed, as if she just didn’t give a damn about her appearance. She was also lugging a number of bags and a backpack; if you didn’t know any better, you’d think she was a homeless person toting around all her possessions.”

But Mischa had bigger problems on her plate that ­evening. A source tells Star, “She’d rung up a bill that totalled almost $2,000 — but when she gave her credit card to the front desk to pay it, the card was declined.

She had to talk with the desk employees for some time to try and clear things up.” The ­eyewitness adds, “The whole thing really seemed quite embarrassing for Mischa. It looked like some phone calls were made, and she went out to the valet area and lit up a cigarette. A car finally arrived, but even that was strange. Mischa leaned into the window to talk to the driver, the car moved a little further up the block — then she went back into the hotel, and I didn’t see her come back out.”

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The hits just seem to keep on coming this year for Mischa, whose career has come to a virtual standstill outside of a number of low-budget movies and the occasional TV appearance. She was hospitalized on Jan. 26 after neighbors found her screaming and ranting that her mother was “a f**king witch” and “We’re dying! We’re dying!” in her backyard in L.A. (Mischa later claimed she had been given the date rate drug GHB the previous evening at a club.) Sixteen days later, she moved out of that apartment — and crashed the U-Haul truck she was driving into a building’s carport. Then, on March 15, she held a press conference with her attorney, claiming an ex-boyfriend was trying to sell a sex tape they made.

It feels like a million years ago that Mischa was a young, up-and-coming star with the whole world in front of her,” says a showbiz insider. “It’s beyond sad what’s happened to her — and frankly, it’s gotten to the point where you feel it’s just a matter of time before her next dark episode.”

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