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Madonna’s Panties Hit The Auction Block: Ex-Lover Demands $21M To Stop Sale!

Scorned Peter Shue blames the Material Girl for 'messing' with his life.

Used panties Madonna gifted a former boyfriend are about to hit the auction block — and the pop star’s ex is demanding $21 million from her in order to put an end to her nightmare.

In an exclusive interview with Radar, former drug dealer Peter Shue claimed Madonna’s legal team has been attempting to buy the undergarments back, but the two sides couldn’t settle on a price.

“We had the two lawyers trying to break out a deal. What I want and what she’s willing to give are not the same,” Shue alleged.

“I want to get paid for the 20 years I spent in jail. I told the lawyer to tell her that if they negotiate a deal. I want $1 million for every year I was in jail. I was in jail for 21 years.”

Shue also said, he believes a representative for the singer would attempt to bid on them at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction, which runs from January 3 to 12.

“I believe she is going to send someone to bid on them. We are still waiting on them to come back with an offer but I don’t think she wants to do it like that. I believe she’ll just send somebody to bid on the panties,” he continued.

Shue dated the Material Girl in the early 90’s. He was later found guilty of drug conspiracy and served over two decades in prison until his 2016 release.

In a 2014 prison interview with The National ENQUIRER, he claimed Madonna introduced him to an informant whose testimony ultimately landed him behind bars.

“I don’t hate her. Hate is such a serious word,” he said. “She played a part in messing with my life. But now everything is in God’s hands.”

Last year, Madonna tried to legally block the sale of her personal items by filing a petition, but a judge ruled against her.

“I got the panties in 1994 sometime and I kept them,” Shue said. “I wasn’t thinking about them at the time, but I kept them. I ended up going away.

When I came home the panties were with some of my personal property. We started researching the auction stuff, and that’s what happened. We’re trying to get the most out of it that we can.”

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