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On The Prowl

Kevin Spacey Secretly ‘Obsessed’ With ‘House Of Cards’ Costar

The actor had producers write in a scene in order to kiss Nathan, an insider said.

As sexual assault allegations continue to hammer down on Kevin Spacey, a source told exclusively that not only has the star been accused of misconduct on young men, but he’s also preyed on straight married men!

According to a source close to the actor, Spacey is “obsessed” with married, straight House of Cards costar Nathan Darrow, who plays Secret Service agent Edward Meechum on the show.

A role in a touring production of Richard III with Spacey led to Darrow’s casting in the role of Meechum.

Now, the behind-the-scenes source revealed, “Kevin is in love with Nathan, from the first day they met.”

The source said Spacey was so madly head-over-heels with the actor that he would get jealous when his wife would visit her husband while on tour of Richard III.

“Kevin use to trash his dressing room whenever Nathan’s wife would come visit them on tour,” said the insider.

His secret obsession got so heated he even had HOA producers write in a scene so he could kiss him, claims the insider.

“Kevin had them write in the three-way scene so he could finally make out with Nathan.

Not only that, Kevin invited Nathan’s wife to set for the filming of that scene. He said it was to make ‘Nathan more comfortable,’ but it was really to taunt her.

Kevin had them do the scene two dozen times, at least, some of the takes going on longer than what was written.”

Spacey came under fire earlier this week when actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexually assaulting him during a Broadway show after party in 1986 when he was 14.


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