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Sorry, Nicole!

Keith Urban Caught Cozied Up With Another Woman Backstage

‘It certainly seemed like there was a real connection between them,’ says a witness.

Spending time together seems to be a rare occurrence for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. So it was business as usual recently when the Oscar-winning actress was in Los Angeles promoting her hit TV series, Big LittleLies, while her husband was hundreds of miles away in Paso Robles, Calif., performing on July 26 at the California Mid-State Fair.
They may have been apart — but Keith certainly wasn’t alone! Besides playing onstage for thousands of adoring fans, there was apparently one in particular backstage whom the country icon made sure to spend some quality time with before the show. Exclusive Star photographs show Keith, 49, cozying up to a beautiful redhead sporting skintight jeans and a sexy sleeveless vest! “They laughed and hugged each other tightly,” an eyewitness dishes. “It certainly seemed like there was a real connection between them. I’m sure Nicole will blow a fuse when she sees the pictures!”
The eyewitness adds: “They were sharing a private conversation just outside his trailer, and at one point Keith reached out and stroked her back. She was all smiles, acting flirty and tossing her hair back. Then they had a long embrace as Keith closed his eyes and rested his head on her shoulder.”
And that wasn’t Keith’s only physical interaction with a lovely lady. During his performance, he sang the praises of his opening act, sizzling blonde singer LaurenAlaina, 22, gushingly describing her as “beautiful” before inviting her back on stage to perform an emotional duet — and share a touchy-feely hug.
Déjà VU
Incredibly, it was exactly two years ago at the same venue that Keith and his then-opening act, sexy country singer Kelsea Ballerini, 23, reportedly spent some personal time together on their tour bus (see box, above) — while Nicole, again, was far, far away (shooting a movie in London).
“I heard Nicole was furious then, so I can imagine how she feels with this latest incident involving that mystery woman,” says an insider, “plus the obvious fact that Keith enjoys taking beautiful, young female performers on the road with him as his opening act.”
Indeed, Nicole, 50, may have had serious trust issues with Keith for years. In 2007 — just one year after their fairy tale wedding — Nashville lingerie model Amanda Wyatt, 33, claimed that she’d had a steamy, two-year affair with Keith that continued even after he and Nicole got engaged, right up until they exchanged vows. “I feel sorry for Nicole,” said Amanda. “He’s [cheated] once and he will probably do it again.”
Adds the insider: “Keith clearly loves Nicole, but he also thoroughly enjoys getting attention from sexy young women. I’m sure it’s very upsetting for Nicole to keep seeing these pictures and hearing claims about his behavior. There have been whispers about trouble between them for a while, and even speculation about divorce. Given what she’s had to deal with, I just don’t know how much more Nicole can take!”