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Bizarre Murder Theory: Was Kathleen Hunt Peterson Killed By Owls?

Former neighbor reveals dirty new details.

vFor decades, Kathleen Hunt Atwater Peterson‘s husband, Michael Peterson has been blamed for her horrific staircase death — but a new theory reveals the beloved engineer could have actually been killed by owls!

In a new show teaser for ID’s An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase, Michael and Kathleen’s former neighbor speaks out about the bizarre details behind the chilling case.

Larry Pollard claimed that after Kathleen’s 2001 death, investigators “analyzed all of the hairs” on her body. “They pulled one hair out of her head out, they look at it, and ‘ah, there it is,'” the former neighbor describes in the clip.

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“‘Bloody feather’ in the English language. Page four, first lab report,” he adds, recalling the report released after the incident.

Through contacts at the state bureau of investigation, he himself analyzed the evidence.

“We took that slide and had pictures made with a microscopic camera — 400 power — and we found the feather wrapped around Mrs. Peterson’s hair shaft with fresh droplets of blood on top of it,” Pollard continued.

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“When I saw that, I said ‘Oh me, I got a hunch that maybe this had been done by owls.'”

Owls are some of the only species of birds in the world that have microscopic feathers that go all the way to their talons.

As readers know, Michael Peterson called 911 on December 9, 2001, saying that his wife had fallen down the stairs of their Durham mansion. When police arrived, they saw massive amounts of blood smeared across the walls and floors of the home, with Kathleen lying unconscious at the bottom.

An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase airs Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c.