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Losing It

Johnny Depp Lashes Out At Fans In Scary Meltdown

‘He was cursing under his breath and getting really agitated.’

With his romantic and financial life in shamblesJohnny Depp has decided that he’d rather live the pirate’s life full-time! During a promotional appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the oddball actor became infuriated whenever anyone dared call him by his actual name.
“He either lost it with staff who addressed him as Johnny, or just simply ignored them,” recalls an insider. “It’s one thing to be in character, but he was pretty much a nightmare the entire time.”
And he was a high-seas hothead with the amusement-park guests who spotted him on April 26, adds the witness: “He was cursing under his breath and getting really agitated when fans were shouting ‘Johnny!’ from the boats.”