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Training A Killer: How John Muhamad Brainwashed Malvo Into Becoming Feared DC Sniper

For three weeks in 2002, John Muhammad, 42, and Lee Boyd Malvo, 17, terrorized the streets of Washington D.C., killing random white civilians with a rifle fired from the trunk of Muhammad’s car.

After conducting a string of horrific murders, Malvo testified against Muhammad, blaming him for brainwashing him into hating white people and convincing him that killing them would ultimately benefit the American society.

After their confessions, Malvo was given various life sentences, while Muhammad was executed by lethal injection in 2009.

Now, 16 years after the men’s senseless killing spree, REELZ’s new docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous: DC Sniper, is showing viewers the truth behind Muhammad’s control of Malvo, and how he trained him to become the DC Sniper.

“Masquerading as father and son, they continued their obsessive training regimen,” says Murder Made Me Famous’ Steve Helling in the show teaser.

“Muhammed had Malvo listen to sound bites that promoted the idea that the black man was enslaved to the white man, and that they were held in poverty,” explains Jonathan Mack, the co-author of “The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo.”

In order to make him into a vicious killer, Muhammad put Malvo on a strict diet, governing every aspect of his life form morning to night.

Murder Made Me Famous: DC Sniper airs Saturday, November 10 at 8 ET / PT on REELZ.