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Jessica Simpson's Dad Breaks Down Over Cancer Battle, Reveals He Had 6 Months To Live

An emotional Joe shares all on 'Ashlee + Evan.'

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson‘s dad, Joe, was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2016. Now, the famous dad is opening up about his struggles on his younger daughter’s new reality show, Ashlee + Evan, which premiered last night. Watch the clip above to see some of what went down during the emotional encounter.

Joe, 60, and Ashlee, 33, sit on a couch in her house. Sadly, he tells her, “I remember saying to the doctor, ‘What if I don’t have surgery?’ and he said, ‘In six months, you’ll be dead.'” The “Pieces of Me” singer shakes her head, overcome with emotion. It had to be a terrifying moment for the family.

In the same trailer, husband Evan Ross talks about the pain he went through when his dad died. The Star actor was just 15 when his father, Arne Næss, Jr., died in a tragic mountaineering accident. Surely watching his wife and her father on this harrowing cancer journey must bring up painful memories for him.

In an interview earlier this month, Ashlee gave an update on how he dad is doing now that he’s in remission. “It’s such a blessing,” the “La La” singer said. “He’s doing good now and feeling good. I’m so happy he’s healthy now.”

“It was a really scary experience for Ashlee, for their whole family,” Evan said. “So for me I was just trying to make sure I was there and paying attention to how everyone was feeling.” Fans will see more of the couple supporting each other on Ashlee + Evan.

Joe underwent surgery for prostate cancer in September 2016. A source told Us Weekly that he began receiving radiation in February 2017. 

Now that her photographer dad is doing better, Ashlee and Evan can start to focus on the future. Ashlee + Evan airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on E!

What do you think about Ashlee sharing her dad’s cancer battle with viewers? Sound off in the comments!