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Disturbing Footage

Shocking Murder Of Morgan Freeman’s Granddaughter Caught On Video

Chilling surveillance recording shows E’Dena Hines fighting for her life.

A disturbing video shows the blood-curdling moment that will be seared into Morgan Freeman’s mind until his dying day — when his young lover was savagely hacked to pieces.

In 2009, E’Dena Hines and her then-72-year-old step-grandfather, the Driving Miss Daisy icon, were involved in a cringe-worthy romance that began when she was a teen! Both denied the affair, but shortly after 33-year-old Hines’ horrific slaying at the gore-soaked hands of boyfriend Lamar Davenport, A pal of the accused butcher said the affair had driven a wedge between the young sweethearts.

That tension between Davenport and Hines exploded into bloodshed on Aug. 16, 2015, on a New York City street, when he stabbed her 15 times, claiming he was driving out demons that possessed the aspiring actress.

It was all caught by surveillance cameras.

The astonishing footage has been kept since then under lock and key — until obtained it through a dogged two-year investigation. The secret footage shows Hines and Davenport stepping out of a car in upper Manhattan in the midst of a heated argument. After about four minutes, a panic-stricken Hines is seen running down the middle of the street with Davenport, then 30, in hot pursuit. Davenport is seen overtaking the desperate woman and knocking her to the ground by sweeping her legs out from beneath her before viciously slashing her throat with a knife.

Davenport then straddles the terrified woman to gain control of her flailing arms and legs as she frantically fights for her life.

Three young men enter the frame as Davenport starts to repeatedly plunge the knife into Hines’s torso while screaming a bizarre rant about exorcism.

The disturbing footage also shows two of the men walking into the street just a few feet from the crime, but doing absolutely nothing to help Hines as she screams: “Please! Please! No more!”

That’s when Davenport is heard coldly responding: “I’m doing this for you, God! Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

The video also shows Hines’ legs helplessly trying to kick Davenport off her until she flips onto her stomach.

At that point, he chillingly uses both hands to sink the knife into her back, shouting: “Thank you, God. Thank you, God. I love you, God.”

Cops arrested Davenport at the scene, and later charged him with E’Dena’s murder.

Sources said the graphic footage will be used as key evidence in Davenport’s legal reckoning, which is slowly moving to an official trial date. He reportedly plans to use the insanity defense to avoid hard time in prison.

According to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office, Hines died from stab wounds to her heart, lungs and liver.

Hines is the granddaughter of the Million Dollar Baby Oscar winner’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Although Morgan is not related to Hines by blood, he agreed to raise her with his second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee.

His decades-old affair with Hines began when she was a high school student. At the time of her death she was living in a $781,000 Manhattan apartment the actor had purchased for her.

Morgan was “totally smitten with the girl,” a source said.