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Bombshell Book Exposes Hillary's Lies & Donald Trump's Path To Victory!

Find out what the authors claim is a fool-proof way to defeat Clinton.

One of the most anticipated books of the summer reveals that the 2016 presidential election is more than just a fight for the White House — it’s practically a battle between good and evil!

In Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann expose Hillary Clinton’s darkest secrets and Donald Trump‘s greatest potential tactics for victory.

“Make no mistake about it, Trump faces an uphill battle,” Morris says. “With a liberal media biased in Hillary’s favor, demographic trends favoring younger and ethnic voters — and some Republicans at war with their own nominee — Trump must take a different approach.”

But Morris insists, “He can still win and defeat Hillary.”

If anyone knows the Clintons’ secret weaknesses, it’s Morris, who was a political strategist and confidante to Bill and Hillary for more than 20 years. Morris helped Bill win a second term in 1996, and was once dubbed by Time magazine as “the most influential private citizen in America.” Together with his wife, Eileen McGann, Morris has written 15 books, including 10 New York Times bestsellers.

Now, the couple have turned their sights on Hillary’s many vulnerabilities — and how Trump could exploit them.

To find out Morris and McGann’s point-by-point victory plan, pick up Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more!