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Gary Coleman’s Multi-Million-Dollar Fortune ‘Vanished Into Thin Air’ Before Tragic Death

Child actor sued his parents for allegedly spending his Hollywood money.

As a child actor, Gary Coleman had millions. His career took off early with TV hits like Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, and The Jeffersons, but as soon as he entered his teen years, the dark side of fame took over, and he found himself in a shocking financial situation.

REELZ’s new docuseries, The Price of Fame: Diff’rent Strokes, looks back at Coleman’s life in the spotlight, and his tragic downfall.

“Gary should have never had to work ever again. No one around Gary should have had to work ever again,” says Diff’rent Strokes biographer Greg Pincus in the show.


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“Coleman had a multi-million-dollar TV fortune that seemingly vanished into thin air according to Gary and family friend Dion Mial,” says radio host Kellie Rasberry.

Mial was also Coleman’s manager.

Coleman’s parents alleged Mial brainwashed the actor against them, suggesting they’re the ones who spent his millions. Mial, however, said he was concerned for Coleman and was only looking out for him.

Coleman sued his parents in 1989, claiming that they mis-appropriated his money. Four years later, a judge ruled in Coleman’s favor.

In 2010, at age 42, Coleman suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died, still estranged from his parents, but the mysteries surrounding his will and estate, continue until this day.

The Price of Fame: Diff’rent Strokes, Sunday, July 14th 10 ET/ PT on REELZ

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