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Farrah Abraham Bashed For 8-Year-Old's High Heels

Teen Mom OG star caught on shopping spree.

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was all smiles when spotted out shopping at House of CB in West Hollywood. She left the store in a chic black jumpsuit toting her shopping bags and telling photographers she was having a fabulous day. It may be that Farrah is using retail therapy to deal with the stress she’s no doubt under due to the firestorm of criticism she’s received lately for her parenting choices. It seems the reality star has made some very unpopular decisions when it comes to her daughter, Sophia Abraham, 8. Most recently there was backlash over a photo the adult film actress posted on Instagram of Sophia wearing platform style high heel shoes. And Sophia’s school principal recently called out the reality star for sending her to school in make up. Farrah reportedly stands by her decision to allow her daughter to wear it, complaining after the incident that, “You know, you’re your kids are five or six they already start playing with makeup, and I was the only mother in freaking elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter.” The make up and platform shoes aren’t the only questionable choices Farrah has made in regards to young Sophia. Last summer the mom posted pics of her then seven-year-old posing poolside for a photo shoot wearing a bikini and a full face of make up. Farrah also was blasted for reportedly giving her daughter weight loss tea. Many took to social media to express just how inappropriate they felt it was to dress an eight-year-old girl in platform heels. Twitter has been flooded with tweets from people condemning her and accusing her of poor judgment when it comes to parenting Sophia with @ChrissellW tweeting, “@F1abraham stop using your kid for fame*,” and “@F1abraham you are a bad influence to women and your own daughter, get your s#*t together STOP using your kids #Fakewannabe #MOM.” @jackdeeley2575 also chimed in on Twitter with, “farrah Abraham just put her daughter in time out for not taking a selfie with her.” Not everyone was tweeting criticism though. Farrah had the support of @TiffanyOldham2 who tweeted, “@TeenMomGossip @F1abraham those are not platforms. Theose are little girl sandals. Any and ever reason to pick Farrah apart. Such pettiness.”