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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: All About Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend's Desperate Affair!

Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, is currently waiting to find out his verdict in a retrial for the murder of Meredith Kercher. But returning to Italy and facing court again wasn’t the 29-year-old’s first choice.

In fact, over the summer, he made a desperate attempt to marry 22-year-old Kelsey Kay, whom he’d met on Facebook, to obtain a visa and avoid having to go back to his home country at all. Star sat down with the single mother to get the scoop!

“Raffaele brought up the idea of us meeting the very first time we talked,” Kelsey said. “When I told him I could talk, he called, and brought up meeting, and even made a joke about marrying a US citizen and being able to stay in the country…the very first time I talked to him.”

Just six days after their first conversation, he flew to her hometown in Idaho. “When he proposed that I help him, I guess, in a way, I felt obligated,” she admitted.

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The very next day, Kelsey met with Raffaele again, and he produced a contract for their marriage that he wanted her to sign. “I left the hotel room feeling a little uncomfortable,” she recalled.

Things got even more stressful after they went out to dinner. “After reading the contract and the awkward dinner, I decided I couldn’t marry him,” she revealed. “And I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

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Next, Kelsey opened up about what she knew regarding Raffaele’s relationship with Amanda — he actually tried to get her to marry him first, during a trip to Seattle in March. She told him that wasn’t an option because she had been seeing someone for a few years.

“I think his feelings were hurt and the way he expressed it to me was in a very immature way,” Kelsey explained. “He came across very entitled, like he had saved her when he was in jail in Italy by not turning on her, and maybe she was obligated to do the same.” She added that, at this point, she began to see major red flags.

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The 22-year-old stopped talking to Raffaele in December when she found out he was seeing another girl. “Looking back at the situation now, I do believe I was part of a bigger plan,” she admitted. “I believe his plan was to obtain citizenship as a US citizen and avoid going back to Italy.”

Still, Kelsey said she still believes he is “100 percent innocent,” albeit desperate. His trial is set to conclude this month.

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