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Emma Stone Wants To Be A Singer After ‘La La Land’ Success

A source says ‘recording an album has been a dream’ of hers for years.

Beyoncé, Adele… Emma Stone? After nabbing an Oscar for her musical role in La La Land, the perky redhead has her sights set on a singing career!

“Recording an album has been a dream of Emma’s for years and she’s finally doing it,” spills a spy, revealing that the LP will focus on jazz and R&B tunes. “She’s still experimenting, testing out cover songs and original material. Her plan right now is to do a mix of both.”

The only hitch? Her stage fright!

“Emma has no nerves when it comes to acting, but she’s not nearly as confident about her singing,” says the source. “When she did Cabaret last year on Broadway, she threw up before every show!”

Better get a tour bus with a big bathroom…

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