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Under Fire

Ed Westwick Denies Sexual Assault Claims

‘I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman,’ he claims.

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has come forward denying all claims of sexual assault, hours after actress Kristina Cohen brutally accused him of rape.

The Californication actress, 27, wrote an extensive Facebook post about her alleged incident with the 30-year-old British party boy, claiming recent stories from brave women about sexual harassment gave her the courage to speak out.

“I was sexually assaulted three years ago. It was a dark time in my life,” wrote Cohen. “Even now, I grapple with feelings of guilt. Unfounded worry that in some way I was to blame. I don’t know where these feelings come from. Social conditioning that everything is always the woman’s fault? That a man’s inability to keep himself off of our bodies is somehow because of us, not him?”

She said she was visiting the actor’s apartment with her unnamed producer boyfriend when Westwick suggested they all have sex. She claimed she was tired and wanted to take a nap so she fell asleep in the actor’s guest bedroom, and woke up with his fingers entering her body.

“I told him to stop, but he was strong,” she said. “I fought him off as hard as I could but he grabbed my face in his hands, shaking me, telling me he wanted to f**k me. I was paralyzed, terrified. I couldn’t speak, I could no longer move. He held me down and raped me.”

Cohen claimed she didn’t come forward until now – three years later – because even her boyfriend blamed her for the alleged abuse and made her feel it was her fault. He reportedly even threatened to ruin her career if she ever came forward about it or ratted out Westwick.

“How does this end? Men like Ed using fame and power to rape and intimidate but then continue through the world collecting accolades,” the actress concluded. The actor tweeted a response to Cohen’s claims, writing: “I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”


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