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David Letterman’s ‘Delusional’ Stalker Sent To Psych Ward After Break-Ins

Mary Margaret Ray was convinced the TV star was in love with her.

Mary Margaret Ray gained media attention after she became obsessed with stalking David Letterman in 1988. The schizophrenic woman – also known as “Peggy” Ray – broke into the TV star’s home repeatedly, and was even caught driving off with his Porsche. She entered his property twice, just days apart, and eight times in total.

While Letterman described the stalking as “odd” though not necessarily alarming, officials thought otherwise.

Ray was sentenced to prison after being forced to spend time inside a psych ward. She was found unfit to stand trial due to her mental illness.

In its latest episode, Stalker Files: David Letterman, REELZ seeks to uncover the truth behind the female stalker’s bizarre obsession with the show host, and the dark details behind her constant break-ins.

“It’s not unusual that you see this type of persistence in going back to the location on several occasions. [The] thing we have to remember [is] that this is a thought disorder,” LAPD’s Threat Management Unit Jeff Dunn, says in the clip.

“In the case of Peggy Ray, we don’t know that her seeking out David Letterman was inherently threatening or that she meant to do him harm in any way,” Adds psychologist Kimberly Telesh.

As Star previously reported, Letterman often joked about his female stalker and even refused to press charges, until the break-ins got out of control.

“The problem with stalking is that it’s based on a delusion. It’s based on a false belief, and because that delusion has so many unknowns in it, only the person could tell us what their plans are. That’s what makes them dangerous,” continues Telesh.

Stalker Files: David Letterman airs Saturday, February 3 at 9:00 ET / PT on REELZ.