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Mind Schemes & Sex Slaves: Charles Manson's Murderous 'Family'

Charles Manson may have been known as a sociopathic mass murderer who took the lives of innocent people for pleasure, but in a new clip, REELZ seeks to uncover the truth behind his bizarre cult following and overpowering leadership.

“He very quickly started to collect his own followers using his bizarre philosophical beliefs,” says Melissa Cronin in a new National Enquirer Investigates: Charles Manson clip.

“He was a charismatic person,” adds the killer’s grandson, Jason Freeman Manson. “He was a leader people were just drawn to.

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As has previously reported, the majority of Manson’s followers were women. Like him, many of them came from troubled pasts or were rebelling against their middle-class families. Susan Atkins and Lynette Fromme had horrific person lives and a family history of alcoholism and violence. Leslie Van Houten, on the other hand, was from a traditional religious family. She was the homecoming queen before Manson turned her into a murderer.

Once Manson recruited his girls, getting men to join his sick clan was easy.

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“He made his female followers available to these men as sexual servants,” explains Cronin in the shocking clip.

He referred to his followers as his “family” and referred to himself as the “reincarnation of Jesus Christ.”

National Enquirer Investigates: Charles Manson airs Friday, November 24 at 7P ET / PT on REELZ.


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