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Watch: Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant With A Boy Or Girl?

Ellen DeGeneres tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Carrie Underwood is pregnant with her miracle baby. The country singer went through three miscarriages in just two years. She told Redbook that she thought her chance to have a larger family had passed. Thankfully, she and husband Mike Fisher are expecting a little one soon! But is it a boy or girl? The “Love Wins” singer appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show, and the comedian tried so hard to get her to spill the beans! Watch the clip above to see what Carrie had to say.

Ellen asked if she knows the gender, and Carrie said, “I do.” But she wasn’t quick to share the details.

“We like to just hold on to things for a minute,” she explained, saying that these days “everybody knows everything.”

Ellen agreed. “You can tell us in a few minutes,” the comedian deadpanned. “Keep it to yourself for a few minutes.” Carrie laughed.

“I’m good at guessing,” Ellen added, and she decided to take a crack at guessing whether it’s a boy or girl.

She asked Carrie how she was carrying compared to her first pregnancy with Isaiah, 3. The “Jesus Take The Wheel” singer said it’s been a “whole different ball game,” and that her baby bump appeared basically over night. She also accused Ellen of just trying to get her to talk about it so she’d start using pronouns and give away the baby’s gender. Tricky tricky!

The comedian considered all this information. “It’s a girl,” Ellen decided at last.

Carrie is currently promoting her new album, Cry Pretty. She’s put off her tour until her little one comes, though she hasn’t announced a due date yet! Fans will just have to keep guessing. This weekend, she and Mike took soon-to-be big brother Isaiah to Disneyland.

Do you think Carrie is having a boy or a girl? Sound off in the comments.