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Ashley Judd Shocks Fans With Scary Filler-Filled Face

‘Hopefully she’ll ease off the injections,’ says a friend

Ashley Judd’s recent Facebook live rant about a cheeky TSA agent left fans shocked — but not about the incident!
“She’s had so much plastic surgery that she could hardly speak. She was just blinking furiously and bobbing her head to show her frustration,” marveled one follower who watched the actress’ live-streamed diatribe about an airport employee calling her “sweetheart” at security. “Her anger was kind of ridiculous to begin with, but her face just made the whole broadcast even stranger.”
Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says Ashley has likely gone overboard with the nips and tucks. “She appears to have Botox between her eyebrows since they don’t move very much,” surmises Dr. Youn. “And filler in her lips, cheeks and smile lines is what is creating the stiffness.”
Even Ashley, 49, is reeling at her appearance. “She couldn’t believe that’s how she actually looks,” admits a friend. “It was a wake-up call she needed. Hopefully she’ll ease off the injections.”
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